Hello world!

Hello to my new friends.

May I introduce myself? My name is Heidi, and I like to think that I have successfully perfected the Art of Toad Kissing to find my happily ever after. While I was not a 40-something divorced mother by choice, I finally found myself comfortable enough with the woman I have become to remain single until I met a man who would complement my strengths and respect my vulerabilities.

As I reflect on my journey, I’ll try to give you advice based on my experiences. I share life lessons, online dating rules, and personal theories I have developed in the spirit of fun, but also in light of safe journeys for all.

All that I ask – please read a little. I’d like to relate with you. If my adventures can provide even one woman with direction, warning or inspiration, then my $99 dollar, 6 month membership to the Internet dating arena was a great value.

On my way to Happily-Ever-After, I met Tom, Dick and Harry. What a roller coaster ride I had, but I am a better person for knowing each person in my past. My hope for you is that you can also know the self-value in thanking your own past Toms, Dicks and Harrys for whatever hell they may have put you through.

Those experiences made you who you are today, and I hope you like who you see in the mirror. I certainly do.

With my warmest regards,


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