Coffee Chat

Well hello again! I do have to admit that finding a friend to share a cup of coffee with is quite simply – nice. With that being said, I had a great conversation yesterday with my very dear friend, Collette. She and I spoke a bit of my writing here, and she made me feel nostalgic. We miss the past mornings when she and I would sit over a cup of coffee and dish about all of the toads we have kissed – personally and professionally. I realized talking with her that I truly need this part of my life, but I’ve exchanged this part for other successes.

So, friends, you and I have talked about how I see the Art of the Toad Kisser, and we’ve discussed how I feel I came into the art. But now, let me share a morning cup of coffee with you to explain a little more on how important people are in my life. These people helped me evolve through many years of toad kissing – I certainly didn’t become a Master of my art on my own. I had the support and love from many core friendships – both male and female. I hope that as I share these friendships with you, you can start to also see how the  critical friendships can help you recognize the toads and move on to better horizons.

For many years, Collette and I worked as colleagues in the same office. We grew together to share one of the strongest friendships I have ever known. We can complete each other’s sentences without even hearing the first half – pure synergy. When we worked on projects together – well, the results were simply things of beauty. Men in our lives often joked about whether we were truly lesbians stuck with the sex drive of heterosexual woman. (Don’t get me wrong, I love Collette dearly but my preference is the masculine gender ) Together – world domination!

This friendship contuinues to strengthen and evolve over time, but then so do our careers. While professionally our paths recently separated, this seemed to make us closer personally. We added new depth and dimension to our conversations as we began to explore each other’s new worlds. However, my career took me out of the office and away from our morning coffee chats. While I am incredibly proud of my professional accomplishments, I miss my friend.

Yesterday Collette and I managed a video chat together – the topic of conversation was this Blog. Collette told me that what she was reading in my letters to each of you was what she had been missing about our friendship – our morning coffee chats. While we still get together for lunches, shopping and random cocktails, we need our morning girl talk.

With Collette’s blessing, I’d love to invite each of you into these coffee chats now. We really do talk about world domination, but unfortunately we run into wart infested ponds along the way. From the men in our lives to the bosses to the soccer mom’s in our worlds, we discuss the toads as well as the prince charmings. I’d love to share these thoughts with each of you in honor of my dear friend, Collette. I hope that if you don’t already have a Collette in your life that you are soon pleasantly surprised to recognize her someplace that you may have overlooked before.

So if you have a Collette in your life – why not post a Thank You to her right here? Who do you treasure, and why?

Have a wonderful day, and do something nice for yourself.

Kind Regards,

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