Lip Gloss Confidence from a Friend

Yesterday morning I woke to my normal Friday of working from my home office, when I realized that I had an important video-chat/meeting in only a couple of hours with my boss and my peers. Typically I roll out of bed and directly into the shower, but working from home allows me to take the lazy day – t-shirt and sweat pants – approach to primping and polishing.

As I rushed the family out the door, I realized I didn’t have enough time left in my pre-office morning to get in a good workout, a healthy breakfast and still make myself even remotely presentable for inviting my people into my virtual office.

I improvised. I threw a sliced banana onto a whole wheat english muffin with a couple of tablespoons of peanut butter: Breakfast – Check. Quickly I completed a 12 minute Ab workout video: Fitness – Check Check! And I threw myself into the shower to get ready to play grown-up professional. At least I had good hygeine.

Standing in front of the mirror, I glanced to the clock. Almost out of time, so I threw my dripping hair into a mussed pony tail. The way I looked really didn’t promote self-confidence, so I dug deep into my memory for esteem boosters that I could pull out in a pinch.

There in my memory I found my friend Joye. I remembered back to a gem of advice she had given me a couple of years ago. I was planning to meet a man out who I had met through, and she and I were discussing my chosen outfit for such an occasion. I shared with her my nerves as I ventured into Online Dating, and I explained my concerns with finding an appropriate dress-code for the occasion.

I didn’t want to appear to eager – overdressing and self-promoting for a Wednesday evening get-to-know-you cocktail. Giving the wrong impression in the Internet romance arena can come back to bite me.

I struggled to come up with an outfit that would allow me the confidence a woman can find when she discovers the perfect pair of jeans. Whether this man decided I was worth a second date or not, simply put, I needed to feel good about me.

Joye said to me, “Heidi, nothing puts a little pep in your step like a sassy new lip gloss. You’d be amazed what the right shade will do for your ego – not to mention your pucker.”

Brilliance! While the second-date never happened, that choice was mine. I looked good and felt even better when I ordered a glass of cabernet with my gentleman caller. But even the best lip gloss in the world can’t create a chemistry that simply isn’t there. I thanked the gentleman for the evening, and politely excused myself from the potential of any romantic connection.

So that was a few years back, and I was a very different woman back then. Over the last couple of years, I’ve grown in my career as well as in my romantic life – to a Master of my Art.

Today I have new challenges – personally and professionally. And yesterday morning was a very important conference call. Could gaining my footing be as simple as a fresh glimmer of pink on my lips?

Guess what? It worked. A quick splash of color was all I needed to liven my mind as well as my face. And the confidence I had in myself even came through the computer screen.

Sometimes, my life can get quite chaotic. My days seem to run together while I struggle to be a mother, a professional woman, a friend, and a lover. But when the chaos of those moments starts to take over, I look for those pearls of wisdom I find while I study the Art of Toad Kissing. Sometimes, just a quick pampering of myself is all I need to remind me why I can look in the mirror and feel proud of the woman I have become.

Thanks, Joye, and I hope you don’t mind me sharing your lip gloss with my new, dear friends. Great advice!

Friends, what good thoughts do you have of Lip Gloss – and what other confidence-boosters can you suggest?

Warm Regards


6 thoughts on “Lip Gloss Confidence from a Friend

  1. A great pair of shoes will immediately elevate my level of confidence in any situation …however I have never tried the approach on a video conference, may not have the same effect to have the webcam focused on my foot!

  2. Shoes are also great! But you’re right –webcams are in your face, not at your feet. Could we consider lip gloss to be the “shoes” on our faces? And not that I don’t love shoes (because I definitely do!), but lip gloss is painless, which I cannot say about my fanciest shoes.

    I’m happy that my addiction has helped at least one other woman out there! !

  3. A wonderful shade of lip gloss and a snazzy pair of shoes does on occasion make my heart skip a beat. As I float through another decade of life I can’t help but notice the lines on my face, the thicker waistline, and the “comfortable “ shoes I seem to gravitate towards. When I need a big helping of confidence I refer to wonderful moments and images that are stored in the memory banks of my mind. Breathtaking images of Paris, New Orleans, Budapest, or New York City skyline. Moments where I know I made a difference in someone’s life, put a smile on someone’s face or helped a person in need. AND precious, precious time spent with my family and friends. REMEMBER the people in your life that love you (imperfect as we are). I know this is pretty corny stuff but I thought I would share another aspect of how one can attain confidence if lip gloss and Manolo Blahnik shoes are nowhere to be found!!!! XOXOXOXO Nicole Smith

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