Investments in Self-Improvement Rituals

Well happy Sunday AM to all of you – Are you ready for some football? I am, and I was all geared up to talk with you this morning about my picks for any of you Fantasy Football addicts. Instead I found myself side-tracked and craving a French Manicure. This morning’s cup of coffee was greeted with a blurb I heard on NPR about women spending between $700 & $800 on self improvement after being dumped. @NPR has a show, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me where @PeterSagal and @CarlKassell share a lymrick for a caller to solve the news-relevant rhyme. We listen to this show religiously over Sunday morning coffee to help find humor in the otherwise troubling news headlines. This morning, the fine Mr. Kassell focused on the story from a British news channel, ‘The price of rejection: Women spend £500 on their image after being dumped” which truly perked me up more than my cup of Folgers finest blend.

Fortunately, I can thank Kiss 95.1 Radio out of Charlotte, NC for converting the £500 over to American currency so that I can focus my time on thoughts about this study instead of dealing with conversion charts.

Here we have a perfect topic relevant to Mastering the Art of Toad Kissing –what tools do I have that make me proud of myself? The study proclaims, “The average newly single female spends £500 ($782) reinventing her image after being dumped” and goes on to list the line items including new hair, new wardrobe essentials, perhaps even a gym membership as post-dumping improvement investments.

My question is, are these self-improvement rituals tools that we should only pull out after being dumped, while searching for a new job, or even going back to our 20 Year Class Reunion? While the tone of the article is positive and supportive, many of the following comments seem to revert back to playing on a woman’s insecurities. I read comments referring to the women as “bitter chicks” or “low quality”, and I can only imagine what additional comments we will see as more readers post feedback.

I also see ladies defending these expenses as if we owe anyone an explanation. So my thought for this morning – we don’t need to defend our right to feel good about ourselves! If we want to explore a different look, a new hobby or a healthy lifestyle improvement – More power to us! I love it.

I would like to share what I have done for myself lately – because I like who I am. I have not been dumped and I am not a bitter chick. I am in a healthy and happy relationship which I nurture by also focusing attention on appreciating the ever-developing me. Recently, I set a goal to drop some weight, and I’ve started to follow #TheFlatBellyDiet. I love the food, and I love the way I am redesigning my physique. I’ve also gotten more heavily involved with my workout routines, and I am pushing myself to #LeslieSansone’s 3-Mile Power Walking DVDs. And I look and feel  spectacular! This afternoon, I will treat myself to my monthly French Manicure, and I think I am ready to try a new cut when I see my hairdresser. And I am doing this in the spirit of celebrating me.

My point – let’s break out of the historical habit of defending our right for continuous self-improvement, and let’s remember that we all deserve to be pampered!

What have you done positive for yourself lately or what would you like to do?

Warm Regards,


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