A Conversation with Mother Gump on Fantasy Football

Good morning everyone! How are you today? I’m perfectly elated as I go into my ESPN Fantasy Football site. I see that my best friend Collette and I are the last two standing undefeated going into the Bye Weeks. This season is going to be so much fun!

I’m also home in Green Bay this week with my family, and my work takes me to DC next week – my childhood home. So many things to celebrate and so many wonderful people to enjoy.

So my winning scores combined with my chaotic travel schedule got me thinking; While life may be a box of chocolates, if Mother Gump and I had a conversation today she may tell me that “Life is like a Fantasy Football Team . You never know which players will be on top in any given week, but you need them all to win the game.”

Mother Gump’s words of wisdom as I hear them <imagining a soft spoken southern drawl>:

“Heidi, remember in life to count your blessings. Building a strong team to support your QB is essential, but so is remembering that the guys on your bench are just as important as your star running back.

You’ve grown into such a lovely woman – and you are successfully headed to the Super Bowl with the love of family and friends in your life today. Be proud of that, and cherish the people who support you every day – your starting line.

But still remember your bench. They are there when you need them – always in the background yelling, ‘Put me in Coach, I’m ready to play!’  These are the friends and family who maybe you don’t see often and honestly perhaps the years have separated you. But they love you still, and they are a critical part of your team.

The Bench is your childhood friend who dried your tears when the mean boy punched you in the arm.

The Bench is the group of teen-aged girls who skipped study hall with you to run to the drug store and buy a new shade of lip gloss.

The Bench is the Quarterback’s best friend who let you cry secretly in the Girls Bathroom after his buddy dumped you – all the while running a strong blocking game for other girls who had to pee.

The Bench is the cousin from the other state who you only see at Family Reunions, or your Mom’s youngest sister that you never really knew. They are your family, and you can count on them to love you too.

The bench is the Dear Friend who calls you to her starting line-up and invites you to a Pole-Dancing exercise class to help tone your back end! Love it. (more on this later)

Don’t ever forget your bench, Heidi. They score big for you when you need them. More importantly, remember to be a good bench player yourself. Remember the little girl that cried when Billy said she had Cooties. You were there for her then, and she may need you some day. Be a good friend – be a good bench player today.”

So today is for my bench! Thank you, Donielle. Thank you, James. Thank you, Kathy and Ken. Thank you , Kim and Aunt Alice. Thanks Ethel, Stephanie and Cornell and Missy. Thank you Nicole, Emily, Alicia, and Doug.  Thank you to others on my bench who I simply don’t reach out to often enough. You are all important in my life, and I appreciate you.

Thank you, Facebook, for helping me to build my Bench.

And thank you, Mother Gump, for your southern charm and wisdom.  Go Team!

Warm Regards,


One thought on “A Conversation with Mother Gump on Fantasy Football

  1. This is such an over due recognition for so many of us. As I move through and slowly out of a difficult time in my life I have drawn on my ‘bench’ frequently and found there are some strong key players that need to be put in more frequently! I have even found some new ‘water folks’ that have moved to my ‘bench’.

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