I Appreciate You, Mr. Produce Manager

Good Sunday afternoon, everyone! And Happy Autumn Day.

Life back as I know it this morning, and I am grateful suddenly for little things that I often seem to take for granted. After my spiraling week of organized chaos, I find myself able to appreciate a place that until now has always brought me stress – The Grocery Store.

I’ve always enjoyed cooking, and with cooking comes preparations such as shopping. The grocery store, however, can become a maze of 4-wheeled vehicles all driving into the finish line. It can be a traffic jam in the middle of the freezer section while us ever so busy Moms grow frustrated at the elderly woman blocking the pass as she thumbs through her coupon book. It can be the frustrated young man trying to understand the difference between a penne or a rotini as he rushes with the fresh cut flowers and the bottle of wine – thus dropping the wine and holding up traffic.

Today as I struggle to find a piece of normalcy, the grocery store is my safe haven.

I can take in the beauty of the Wisconsin Fall Colors that I’ve missed while focusing on a pressing report. My local produce manager brings these vibrant colors of nature into well-placed works of art as I enter the store. Rich red tomatoes, peppers of green and gold, and the robust orange in the plump belly of the pumpkin. All signs of the season waiting until my schedule allowed me to appreciate them. Thank you, my Copps Produce Manager for investing pride and taking time to make sure that your hard work brings delight and solace to us busy Mom’s in the world. And forgive us if we don’t thank you for taking us to the ginger root as we rush home to make dinner.

So today I realized that the stresses of grocery shopping are truly blessings and life’s little miracles.

In my grocery store, I can find time to myself in the middle of the cereal aisle. I appreciate that October is the month where I bring home a box of Boo Berry or Count Chocula for my now teen-aged son, Cole. And I can revel in the idea that this simple box of cereal will bring him a smile.

As I push forward to the coffee aisle, the kind, elderly lady is thumbing through to find a coupon for the can of Folgers in her hand. Rather than allowing myself to grow frustrated because I can’t get to the French Roast, I hand the lady my $2.00 coupon for the Folgers Decaf she is pricing aloud. Her smile brightens my step just a bit.

And as I get to the front of the store, I realize that the lady ringing me up would just as much rather be home watching the Packers as I would have. I pull up the score on my Android and I mention that Rodger’s boys are up 3-0 in the 1st quarter.

And the best part of my trip – the little girl tugging on her mommy’s shirt to ask the simplest of questions; “Mommy, do the little girls who don’t get to go see the Football Game get to have a Caramel Apple?”

So to all of my friends today, I am wishing you a Caramel Apple and a little bit of quiet time.

Warm Regards,

Heidi Lee

2 thoughts on “I Appreciate You, Mr. Produce Manager

  1. I wish I had read this before I went grocery shopping today. It would have changed my destination but more importantely my outlook as well. Nice work H.

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