Thank a Teacher Day – in honor of my friend

Good morning, Dear Friends. Please indulge me this morning as I specifically want to congratulate someone very near and dear to me.

Forrest, I’d like to tell everyone this morning how much I’ve learned from you in the Art of Toad Kissing – both personally and professionally. You, who taught me to make spreadsheets of characteristics to analyze the men I was dating. You who gave me seeds of knowledge that I was able to cultivate and use to become so much more than I had ever thought professionally. You were my teacher, and you are my friend.

Thank you for being the Peas to my Carrots, Forrest.

Congratulations on your new Role. It is both impressive and well-earned. May your brilliance outshine even your past successes.

And for all of my Dear readers and friends, remember to say Thank You today when someone shares their knowledge with you. It is priceless



4 thoughts on “Thank a Teacher Day – in honor of my friend

  1. An objective, calm view of the world can only be taught by those that posses this quality. Many of us have moments but only a few are a constant and make the time to share with others.
    I too have been touched and wish to say Thank You and Congratulations!

  2. Life is good… What makes life great is the people that share the world with us. Nothing gives me pleasure like watching you have success in your professional and personal life. I am glad to call you a friend.

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