Her name was Lola…

Good Morning, Dear Friends!

I’d love to invite you all to stop over to visit the enchanting Ms. Emily Suess. She was kind enough to ask me to guest post today on her blog, so I took a little time away to give her readers something special. And of course, I wanted to share this story with you all as well – those near and dear to me. Please stop over and visit:

Reinventing Lola

While you are there, please take a peek at some of Emily’s work. I love how fresh and engaging she is as a writer! And I love to get my subscriptions telling me she has shared a new nugget.



Heidi lee

8 thoughts on “Her name was Lola…

  1. Thanks Heidi Lee, I did enjoy your post, and yes, Emily’s writing is definitely “fresh and engaging”. Her writing prompts (especially number 41) had me LOL. I think that will be the basis for my first personal blog 🙂

  2. Thank YOU for agreeing to write for Suess’s Pieces. It’s a great post and I’m so glad I get to share it with my readers.

    If you ever have the urge to guest post again, you know how to find me. 🙂

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