About Heidi Lee

Master Toad Kisser, Heidi Lee, is a 40-something professional who managed to successfully navigate the online dating carnival. Finding happily-ever-after wasn’t easy – experiences ranged from humorous, to tense and straight into frightening.  However, she did it, and she developed some simple rules to help others guide their way to meeting others.

Heidi Lee shares these tips with you, her friends, as she  reflects back through her single life when talking to her best girl friends over a glass or two of wine was her best release.

Sales Director by day; author and blogger by night, Heidi Lee shares her intimate online experience of mastering the Art of Toad Kissing before finding her own Prince Charming. Heidi Lee’s desperate hope is to help women and men alike benefit from her $99 subscription to the wacky carnival of online dating. When she’s not penning the moments of hilarity, heartbreak, and horror at discovering the prevalence of male bad breath that infuses her memoir, Heidi Lee can be found on Twitter @heidilmunson or in her Red Room

Heidi lives in Green Bay, Wisconsin with her son Cole and with her toad-turned-Prince Charming, PC.

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